Friday, December 17, 2010


A genealogy is the account or record of the descent of a person, group, or tribe from an ancestor. A genealogy may be segmented (taking account of several figures within a single generation) or linear (moving from one generation to the next by means of a single figure in each generation.) Genealogies are more statements about relationships in recent times than records motivated by historical curiosity. The interpreter must look to the present function of genealogy in the domestic, political – legal or religious sphere.

The function of this Genealogy is to trace Jesus’ descent back to David and Abraham. That Jesus the Christ came at the right time is suggested by the threefold sequence of 14 generations.

  • From Abraham to David
  • From David to Babylonian captivity
  • From the Babylonian exile to Jesus the Christ.

When we go through the genealogy, we come across the names of women like Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mother Mary. The common element found in all these women is the irregularity of their marriage. We cannot place Mary along with the other women. We should not also forget that God chooses not the best, but simple and humble persons to reveal Himself. It is not our efficiency that counts before the Lord but our availability and fidelity.

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