Monday, October 18, 2010

Mission Sunday Celebration

We the Infant Jesus Church Bangalore celebrated the Mission Sunday on 17th October 2010. Our prayers and donations on World Mission Sunday help to support churches, hospitals, schools and vocations in countries where the Church is new, young or poor. It is our chance to show our love and solidarity with our brothers and sisters who share our faith; to support them in our shared mission of showing the love of God for all. Thanks to Mission Sunday we can join with the whole Church in bringing spiritual and material help to those who need it most.

World Mission Sunday becomes essentially what any given parish or diocese makes of it, the Society for the Propagation of the Faith is the primary organizer of this annual observance.

The Youth, actively participated the Eucharistic Celebration with vibrant choir and followed by the inauguration of the stalls. Members where divided into different team and requested to take in-charge of their stalls.

Different Games where conducted, many delicious food where served, to attract the congregation to have fruitful participation and collection for fund for the Missions.